Did you know that hemp was one of the first large-scale crops grown in the Colonies? And that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written on hemp paper? Hemp is patriotic! I’m not sure that wearing one of our hemp shirts will save our fair country, but it can’t hurt.
Hemp is naturally pest-resistant, fast-growing, and needs little water. It doesn’t require any harsh chemicals to turn it into fiber, giving us these awesomely soft, nubby, great-looking shirts while being kind to the planet.

You might be wondering, isn’t hemp kinda scratchy? Not at all! It’s soft in its own special way. Like a fine wine or that concert t-shirt from the 90s that’s just now perfectly broken in, these shirts get better with age. Like people, they improve by being loved. Hemp performs great in cooler climates because it’s insulating, but it is also breathable so it’s equally suited for warmer weather and moderate activity. Try one on in any of our 15 colors, but be warned, they’re addictive!