guidelines for artists

Here at Official Gear for LewisOne®, submissions from artists are welcome at any time. Since our project is ongoing, we are always interested in new work. We fully respect the rights of artistic freedom and enjoy working with artists of all levels. However, our machines are not as forgiving when it comes to size/structure. Strict adherence to our guidelines is necessary as any deviation from the specifications below will cause vending difficulty, logistical problems and unnecessary expense (our hosts, our studio and you…the artist). Our selections are made based on effort, craftsmanship and originality. With that said, a key factor in our review process is how the final piece will be viewed in the hands of someone who may have never bought art before.
Once accepted, where your artwork is placed is based on the needs of our venues. If you have some “wish list” venues, we will try to get your work placed there. If all goes well, prepare to be asked for more. If you are only able to keep us in stock periodically, that is ok. But, consider your involvement as a long term relationship and send work when you can. We want Official Gear for LewisOne to be part of your ongoing art production/promotion.
Here’s how you get started:
1.    Think of what you would like to produce for the project. Try to avoid any mass production process that could lessen the quality of your work. The vending process is only the beginning of your Official Gear for LewisOne® art. Once purchased and two steps away from the machine, your work is solely a reflection of you and your art. Many pieces have been carried around the globe. So, think of approaches that do not convey “a Sunday afternoon at the copy shop” and consider ways that your art will be appreciated for years to come.
2.    All submissions require a single vend-ready, non-returnable prototype of your art. Please do not send a prototype that is not fully rendered to the specifications below. All prototypes are inspected for suitability in the project. After inspection, they are placed into the AIC permanent archives.
3.    The final size should be 2 1/8
4.    Most 2/D artists (painters, printmakers, etc) produce their pieces on our wood blocks, while most 3/D artists (sculptors, jewelers, etc.) place their work in our boxes. Watercolor paper or illustration board can easily increase the thickness of standard plywood from 3/4
to 7/8. Our blocks and boxes are 7/8 thick which is the proper thickness.
5.    Digital prints, inkjet desktop prints, photocopies, etc are difficult for us to sell to our hosts. Their buyers like to see some sort of “human touch” vs something mechanized.
6.    Once you are ready to begin, please download our SUBMISSION FORM to send along with your prototype. For your prototype, you can download our box template and use your own materials: Box Template. If you would prefer to receive samples of our official boxes and blocks, we sell Prototype Kits ($19.99) that will help to formulate your concept and/or approach. We accept paypal (using the address or checks sent to Artists in Cellophane, 5000 Rushland Drive, Winston-Salem NC 27104.
7.    Your name and contact info is required to be clearly displayed on each piece. The most successful Official Gear for LewisOne works include support material about the artist. Think of ways to present yourself in the event a buyer wants to learn about your other artistic ventures. The goal of this project is to create valid, professional relationships between the artist and the patron. The focus of your end product should not be about commerce. Official Gear for LewisOne is about positive art experiences that can lead to long term artist/buyer relationships. Keep in mind that in many cases, the Official Gear for LewisOne can be someone’s first art purchase. Artists who show valid effort and specifically ask “who bought me” or engage in social media…often hear feedback from buyers. Artists who cut corners rarely hear from anyone. Again, once purchased and two steps away from the machine, your work is solely a reflection of you and your art.
8.    Your pieces of art SHOULD NOT CONTAIN EDIBLES, MAGNETS, BALLOONS, GLITTER, CONFETTI OR ITEMS PROCESSED WITH PEANUTS. No exceptions. Please use common sense and do not create work with materials that are potentially hazardous. If applicable, please label on the outside of your piece that it is rated “R” or “Small Parts-Not for Children”.
9.    IF YOU USE OUR BOXES, please fill the package so it will be rigid to protect the contents from rattling around. The desired minimum weight is 1 OUNCE. Also, pack it full of colored tissue or some sort of presentable packing material. Avoid using packing material that looks like trash and/or items that are confusing to your concept. Shoddiness and poor presentation will reflect poorly on your art. Packing the box internally with presentable material is very important as it prevents crushing during the vend process and looks professional to your buyer. ALL BOXES SHOULD BE STRUCTURALLY SOUND AND HAVE WEIGHT.
10.    Wrap .003 ml acetate around each piece. Use clear “very sticky” tape to affix acetate and make sure the acetate is taut. Please do not use frosted tape or low tack labels that will release. This is important, as it will cause vending problems and incidental expense. All art must be wrapped in acetate.
11.    Make a 2 X 2
square placard to identify your column in the machine. This is the main interface between your art that the buyer. The message should be simple and clear. A brief description of your work and your name is a good place to start. There is no need to list a website on your placard. Just, get to the point and describe what they buyer should expect to receive. Upon request, we can create placards if you are unable (or shy).
12.    Print out and sign the official Submission Form (pdf) and include it with your shipment. Submission of art is confirmation that you agree to the terms and conditions stated on this site. Send your prototype to us at: Official Gear for LewisOne, 50 Compass Drive, Newport VT 05855
WHAT COMES NEXT: If your prototype is accepted, you will be notified by A.I.C. to begin production. There is a minimum requirement of 50 finished pieces. All work must be delivered to A.I.C. ready to vend and in no need of repair. All shipments of art not to specification will be sent back with an invoice for return shipping. The city and machine where your artwork will be placed is based upon the needs of our venues and is at the discretion of A.I.C. and our Hosts. Depending on your work, the needs of our hosts and the time of year, it can sometimes take a few months to get your work placed in a machine. So, please be patient.
Most vend prices are fixed at $5.00. Artists will receive $2.50 per sale, on consignment (we generally send out artist payments on a quarterly basis…sometimes sooner). The remaining percentage is split between project support, the host venue and/or donations to charity. Artists are solely responsible for content of artworks and listing of profits on taxes. We suggest that all artists should consider researching a “Certificate of Liability” insurance policy.
You can use your own materials any material can be used as long as the final art meets our guidelines.

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* Complete sets of materials are sold to approved, participating artists and ONLY after the prototype process is completed. We do not sell materials to persons not affiliated with our project. *

If you have any questions about submitting art, please contact us at

A.I.C. fully understands the energy necessary to produce work for this project. We are very grateful for your participation and will represent each Official Gear for LewisOne artist to the best of our abilities.

LEGAL STUFF: By submitting artwork to us, you represent and warrant to Official LewisOne Clothing (OG-LO) that the artwork you provide to OG-LO complies with all of the foregoing guidelines, which guidelines may be changed by OG-LO from time to time. You further represent and warrant that such artwork is of merchantable quality, free from all defects, and suitable for resale to the public via OG-LO distribution machines. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless OG-LO and its successors, assigns, owners, proprietors, directors, employees, volunteers, representatives, OG-LO distribution machine hosts and subhosts, agents, and affiliates from and against any and all past, present, and future claims, liabilities, losses, costs, damages, and expenses (including without limitation reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs) arising out: (a) the inaccuracy of the foregoing representation or breach of the foregoing warranty; or (b) the design, production, distribution, sale, or use of the artwork provided by you to OG-LO. Let’s just be cool and play together.