Urban Wildlife

If you live in an urban environment chances are you are surrounded by tags, but outside of the graffiti scene little is known of the origins, attraction or motivation behind this form of self expression.

Us city Cats put up our mark in our jungle with cans of paint.  This uniques series we create street hero’s in the spirit of well known graffiti artists like TAKI 183 and Cope who took their name and turned it into an urban brand.

In an era where street art and graffiti murals have never been more acceptable to society, Our fun Wildlife series as depicted by LewisOne is an ode to that style of art and the creative workarounds artists have to figure out in order to “Get Up” with messages that inspire emotion.

From Lions, to Elephants, to … each uses their unique talent to put their mark on society to be remembered when they become extinct. When you’re young and powerless, graffiti is a way to earn the respect of your peers with nothing but your own hand.

Just like the political and protest graffiti that was once prevalent in the cities, in today’s image-based culture, tagging serves as a reminder that in a democracy there will always be a way to challenge the status quo, seek notoriety, or simply engage in anonymous public mark-making.

Historically, Murals (or Graffiti) have always been a way of making public statements to encourage social change.

A portion of the Proceeds from sales of this series of apparel goes towards ….